Advantages Of Awnings On My House

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Awnings certainly give a home an instant facelift, provide an air of charm and carefree sophistication at first glance. The advantages of considering installing awnings on a home are many. Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is the primary purpose of installing awnings. However, they do also provide additional protection from rain and the potential for subsequent moisture damage.

In addition to protection from the sun and rain, awnings are becoming an accessory used to dress up a home’s exterior. The combinations and permutations to create esthetic appeal are limitless. Given the vast array of colors and patterns available, sturdy canvas or billowy cotton, fabric or metal, solid, smooth or scalloped edges, or a custom shape, the possibilities are endless to match the homeowner’s vision, creativity and budget.

They also come in four basic structural styles according to the homeowner’s needs. The most popular styles are retractable, which is fixed permanently to the home, motorized for ease of operation, portable and stationary units.

After all, the decisions are made and the fun of designing the perfect awnings has passed, the next set of advantages of awnings appear. The intended and unintended benefits of the increased usability of an existing space or possibly the creation of a new, outdoor, living area under a retractable awning over a deck, patio, or porch.

Sunrise or sunset, the new spaces provide sanctuary from everyday stress. Here one could suggest that the advantages of installing awnings on a home increase happiness and reduces stress by encouraging the homeowner to rest, relax, and enjoy their home.

Maybe the most impactful advantage of considering awnings is the potential increase in the financial value of the home. If not simply for the esthetic appeal, but for the costs saved from not having to replace windows and doors due to water intrusion or having to replace carpets due to fading from the sun. The potential for savings of other structural repairs is great over the long-term life of the awnings.

Awnings give an instant, updated look to a home, they are budget-friendly, customizable and they come in multiple structural styles to meet the homeowner’s needs. They offer relaxing outdoor living areas, create cozy, indoor reading nooks and they potentially increase the financial value of a home. How can any homeowner go wrong with considering installing awnings on their home? There really does not appear to be a downside to the addition of awnings, only an upside.