Does a Covered Patio Add Value to Your Home?

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February 11, 2020
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Whether located in a cul de sac, on a corner, or in the middle of the block, we all want to enjoy our personal space to the fullest, and that includes our outdoor living spaces. Sometimes we want a swimming pool, sometimes we want a patio for entertaining and relaxation. One question you might have is if a covered patio will add value to your home.

Differences Between a Patio and a Porch

When it comes to sorting out the differences between patios and porches, it is also important to point out the similarities between them as well. Both patios and porches can have an overhead roof to cover them, and they are both outdoor living spaces with outdoor furniture. A patio and a porch can either be in the front yard, side yard, or the back yard and they are both paved, making it easier to walk to the other areas of the property.

Patios are often much larger than a porch, even the wrap-around porches. Porches are considered a place to rest and relax while patios are a place for a wider variety of activities. Patios can either be attached or detached from the house while porches are always attached to the house.

Porches have a roof and are usually open at the sides unless the porch is screened in. Patios might have a roof, but they could also have a pergola. A pergola offers shade for a sitting area or walkway with an open lattice on the top and sides and support cross beams.

Benefits Of A Covered Patio
There are several benefits to having a covered patio, such as:
• Protection from rain and hail
• Protection from the sun
• Keeps your patio furniture dry
• Prevents sun damage to the outdoor furniture
• Fresh air and being out in nature
• Outside entertainment area
Retractable awnings
• Aesthetic value for your home

Does A Covered Patio Add Value To Your Home?
Short answer: yes, but it depends on how you do it. According to Dream Style Remodeling, patios that increase in value are the ones that have been part of the house since the house was built, but a low to a mid-range priced patio that was made from wood would see a return on investment of about 75.3% while one made from composite materials would be about a 70.7% return on investment. When you add a more upscale patio, the return on investment drops to 69.1% or less, depending on which part of the country you live.

A covered patio would add value to your home, as long the price of installing it and everything else falls in the low to mid-range for price. The best-covered patio, as well as the furniture and any other permanent or semi-permanent fixtures, would have to balance value and return on investment. It might bring the value of your house up, but not enough to make the return on investment worth adding the covered patio and fixtures.