Garage Doors

From garage doors to roll-up doors to commercial overhead doors, we work with several manufacturers to make sure we can get you exactly what you need.

A garage door does more for your property than simply keep a vehicle out of extreme weather or protect your tools. It is a complex structure consisting of weight bearing components, flexible yet strong panels, and usually electronics. That is why installing these doors should only be carried out by experts in the field.

Many homeowners do not see the garage door as a critical design feature, ignoring its form and function. This can sometimes lead to this essential home installation having less priority than other places in the house with more obvious aesthetic qualities.

The functionality and performance of your garage door is critical, so get your local garage door specialist to install yours when it is time for an upgrade. If you are in the process of building your home, then ensure that you get an expert to position your new garage door with all the necessary safety features too.

Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are in constant use and give many years of service. They are not immune to problems over the years, and you may feel the need to consult a garage door specialist to check for wear and tear. They may even give a quote for a new door if your garage is quite dated.

Garages are made up of multiple components such as tracts and rails, whether they are manual or automatic. These all work to support the weight and smooth functioning of the door every day. Without proper maintenance of the mechanisms, structural degrading can occur.

If there is a problem with the maintenance or age of your garage door, it can influence the success of an insurance claim. Broken garage doors can be a possible point of entry during a break-in. Do not risk this becoming a reality by calling for a maintenance check of your garage doors now or ask for an estimate on a new one. An updated or new garage door can even get you a reduction in monthly insurance payments in some cases.

Garage Door Efficiency

An ill-fitting garage door can compromise your home's interior insulation by allowing outside air to flow into your home. If you see that your electricity bills are higher than usual and you can feel a draft leaking in from somewhere, check your garage doors to see if they are the cause.

Recent changes in safety regulations mean that some garage doors fail to comply with code. Does yours have a fool-proof safety opening mechanism to ensure its operation in case of an accident or malfunction? If not, contact a garage door professional as soon as possible to bring your home up to code. Each state is different in this regard.

Remember to identify garage door problems before they become expensive hassles. If you are unsure as to the state of yours, contact a professional for an inspection. If your garage door is old, needing an upgrade, or doesn’t comply with the latest regulations, a new garage door is an asset to your property.

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