How Long Do Seamless Gutters Last?

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Seamless gutters are professional grade gutters that are designed to last at least twenty years because of how they are structured. In comparison to other types of gutters, specifically traditional ones, this length of time is considered very long. The secret behind this multiple decade-spanning life is that seamless gutters when properly installed and care for, maintain a sleek structure.

Seamless gutters are different from traditional gutters because of their ‘seamless’ design. On the surface, traditional gutters seem like a better choice, as they are cheap and easy to assemble. All a homeowner has to do to install them is buy plastic panels and fasten them together, creating a rectangular prism structure with one face left open on one of the sides to allow water into the pipe. However, because of this design, traditional gutters do not last nearly as long as their seamless counterparts. This shorter lifespan is due to show dirt and grime easily build up in the traditional version’s sharp folds and creases. This collection of dirt and other substances causes traditional gutters to become more easily clogged and to rust much more frequently.

In comparison, seamless gutters last much longer because of their innate sleek layout. The lack of creases in their design allows the water in turn to flow more efficiently. In the long term, this means that there are significantly fewer chances of the material cracking or being worn away overall, so their lifespan expands far past their traditional counterparts.

Seamless gutters, while more expensive initially, in the long run end up costing about the same, or less than, traditional gutters too. This similarity in price, between the former being significantly more expensive than the latter, is because of how the seamless gutters, because of their industrial design, do not break down as much. Their smooth, sturdy design means that homeowners do not need to pay extra money to repair them every few years. Homeowners will also save money because there is a lower chance of cracking, and therefore a smaller likelihood of leakage. This means that, unlike with traditional gutters which typically have leaks that destroy their homes, homeowners can save money by not having to repair water damage.

Seamless gutters can last even longer than twenty years though if properly taken care of. Some ways to ensure a homeowner gets the longest possible lifespan out of their gutters is to set leaf guards on the pipes. Leaf guards are pieces of metal that get melded onto the top of seamless gutters. There, they act as both a form of protection, preventing debris from entering the gutter directly, as well as a type of sloping surface, allowing heavier objects, like snow and animals, to harmlessly slide off of the gutter.

By using these additional forms of protection, seamless gutters can last for well over two decades before even a slight issue arises. Overall, there at least a twenty-year lifespan makes seamless gutters one of the longest-lasting types of gutter systems.