How Long Should Guttering Last?

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Controlling rainwater from the roof of your house is vital in protecting the compound as well as correcting it for future use. It cannot be done without the help of gutters that need to be correctly fitted. You may wonder how long the guttering could last. It depends on some factors which influence the time that your gutter will need to be replaced.

The Materials Used In the Manufacturing of the Gutters

Gutters are made from a different material that affects their lifespan. There are those materials that are easily affected by weather and biological agents. Here are materials that are used to make gutters with their life expectancy.


In most cases, copper is used along with stainless steel to provide an elegant appearance. This combination becomes one of the most durable materials that make gutters. Gutters from this material can last for over 50 years before you can think about replacing them. This is because it does not rust thus remains strong for a long time.

Stainless Steel

This is another material that doesn’t rust. Therefore, when gutters are made from stainless steel may last longer if there are no other factors that can cause damage to them. These gutters last for over 20 years, providing their shiny appearance and clean water harvest.


Gutters made of aluminum are the most preferred by homeowners because of their less weight, rustproof and some companies can manufacture them seamlessly, which reduces chances of leakages. They can be easily handled because of their lightweight. Aluminum gutters have a life span of 20 years. They are also simple to install as compared to other heavier gutters like copper gutters.

Galvanized Steel

These gutters from galvanized steel have high rust resistance. Soldering of the joints has to be done by a professional to reduce leakages. Due to this resistance capability, they can last for more than 20 years without much repairs needed.

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are made from PVC plastic that does not rust. They have low installation costs and maintenance. The durability of these gutters depends on the weather conditions. The adverse weather like the hot sun may cause them to clack, and heavy rainfall causes them to sag, especially if they were not correctly installed. If they are installed in an area that has moderate weather, then they can last for over 20 years, but if the weather is not friendly, they can last for about 8 to 10 years.

Seamless Gutters

As the name suggests, these gutters do not have seams, and therefore debris does not accumulate on the corners. They also don’t have joints that cause leaks. They have a life span of over 20 years.

The other things that affect the lifespan of gutters are the maintenance that is if they receive regular maintenance. The service company also matters since some companies do not have professionals to install, clean and repair the gutters.

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