How Much Does It Cost to Put up a Fence?

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wooden fence

Depending on the Wood, Fence Costs Vary

Building a fence for your home is important for privacy, and protection from intruders. The actual process of this is learning wood types that fit your budget and interest. As you start this job you realize there are three main types of wood for this job.

They are Pine, Cedar, and Cypress with different costs from higher to lower. Pine costs between 1 and 5 dollars per 6 feet. You get better quality as you choose higher quality choices of wood for it. The cost of Cedar and Cypress is around 2 to 3 dollars per 6 feet. These choices are resilient when wet, and most often used for the fences. Other things to include are posts, pickets, and rails in this project.

Fences come in all types of woods and their price range is higher for some certain kinds. Other higher-priced types are Western Red Cedar, Redwood, and Spruce woods. They range from about 5 to 8 dollars per 6 feet. The cost to build the fence depends on lumber and labor costs.

The average price to build a fence is $2,753 for a wood fence. The actual range is between $1,674 and $3,987 to build it. The cost of a wood fence is 17 to 45 dollars per linear foot. Lumber average costs are 7 to 15 dollars per foot for this. Then the cost for Labor is 10 to 30 dollars per foot. The major parts that make the price are fence length, height, and specific wood kind.

A privacy fence is 4 to 6 feet tall and goes between 10 and 30 dollars per foot to install. Using full privacy fences has boards built with no spaces in between. Restricting the visual amount people can see in the yard altogether. With Semi-private fencing, the boards come with some spaces between them, which allow a little visual access.

They give the sunlight and wind some access with this also. A picket fence costs around 10 to 75 dollars per linear foot. This cost depends on the wood type, and also it’s height. The materials alone cost 3 to 30 dollars per foot. This exact price depends on things such as the option of the gate and design complexity.

The use of high-quality woods is a thing to look at closely when starting this job. Making a fence that will last a long time is done with selecting the right kinds. The main factors for the final price are the length and how tall the fence is.

The kind of wood used for the work, and the final price of the gates and other items. When you’re ready you can have a service professional come to your home and provide an estimate. This will include what your needs are and reviewing styles for it. They will get any necessary permits and professionally install the fence. Your fence will look better if you choose quality woods and have it installed well.