Is A Sun Room Cheaper Than An Addition?

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Looking to add a room addition to your home? Room additions, like the room itself, can be built in many different sizes, designs, and can vary in costs. This blog is aimed at the average homeowner looking to stay on budget. Generally, a custom-built can be very expensive, ranging over the typical $100,000 range. For the budget-conscious homeowner, there is an attractive functional alternative – the sunroom. In addition to less expensive, a sunroom offers a fabulous place for family gatherings.

The Standard Room Addition

Most room addition starts with a contractor, a blueprint, and a quote. Most room additions start with wood, concrete, windows, shingle, and roof. Just like when you were building that home you now live in. Additionally, this will add to the total square footage of your home, This addition alone could cause higher tax assessments on your home.


Let’s start off with what a sunroom actually is. A sunroom is considered a recreational space that brings an indoor and outdoor living area. The walls of the sunroom are primary glass, over 80% of the wall structure. Although many modern sunrooms have heating and cooling service, most building codes do not require that the sunrooms had heating and cooling. Most sunrooms are built on a typical concrete slab.

The Prefab Or The Custom-Built Sunroom – Which One Is Best For Your Family?

Yes, you can hire a contractor and have your sunroom custom-built, and designed to your specification. These types of sunrooms will have stud/truss framing and will be built with a shingle roof.

However, more and more sunrooms today are constructed from pre-fab kits. Most prefab sunroom is shipped in pieces to your home in flat type cartons. Installation and assembly can be performed by the homeowner or a contractor.


Wooden kit sunrooms for a 15-by-15 foot room average around $15,000. If you want to step up to aluminum and glass kit, costs can run as high as $22,000 for the kit. You want this sunroom to be a four-season type sunroom? Adding finished walls, wiring, and cooling and heating will move your costs in the $25,000 to $50.000 a year range.

Some Common Falsehoods Concerning Sunrooms

Your sunroom construction will require a building permit. Mistakenly, pre-fab sunrooms are not less costly than custom-built in all situations. Like a loaded automobile, if your pre-fab kit is decked out with all the available features, designs, and options, your pre-fab sunroom can top the price of a standard contracted room addition.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

A sunroom offers an exciting choice as an alternative to a traditional full-size addition. Usually, they can be built much sooner than a typical type of room addition. Check out some of the pre-fab sunroom manufacturers such as TEMO Solutions, Patio Enclosures, Florian, and Colorado Sunrooms and Windows, to name a few.

Consult Aronson Awning. We do sunroom construction in your area. Look at sunroom designs and decide the uses for your sunroom. Consider the type of family gatherings you and your family will be enjoying in your new sunroom. Better get started, summer right around the corner!