Patio Covers & Carports Orangeburg SC

Our patio covers are a permanent solution and are made to withstand the elements.
They are made of aluminum so there is no rotting or rusting.

The perfect way to extend the space that can be used on your property is to install a patio covering or a carport. These two different structures not only improve the overall look and function of your home, but they can significantly raise the asking price of it when it comes to resale.

Patio covers are a highly desirable home improvement addition as they offer extra entertainment space in summer and protection from the weather throughout the rest of the seasons. An expert constructor will help you to select the perfect place for a patio cover so that it reflects the contours and landscape of your house.

Patio covers can be a natural extension of your home or a stand-alone structure offering protection in the outdoor environment. Whatever location you decide is ideal for a patio cover, there are many different kinds of materials and styles.

• Aluminum: When a home has a modern style, a metal or aluminum patio cover is often the best way to go. They are low maintenance, light, and available in a wide range of designs. When choosing a style and color, it is possible to select faux finishes that mimic other materials.


A carport is one of those useful structures on the property that will always be in use whether it is for storage of a trailer, grill, or car. There are many different materials from which they can be constructed. Make sure when you are looking for a qualified professional to build your carport and ensure they have the necessary credentials. Planning permission is sometimes required, and the construction must be strong and well-founded.

Your friendly local carport and patio covering construction expert will be able to assist you in choosing the right spot for your carport installation. They can be stand-alone or attached to the exterior of your house. Car storage is more technically demanding then it looks. A well-constructed carport can be built with future conversion into a proper garage in mind, and carports are perfect for the budget conscious.

The dimensions of the carport have to be spacious enough to allow easy access to loading and exiting. If the vehicle planned for storage is larger than usual, double check the square footage of the space. Always know that specialized knowledge is available from your local carport professional.

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