Screen Rooms

Our screen rooms are constructed out of heavy duty aluminum so there is no rotting wood and painting won't be an issue.

Screen rooms or screen porches have many different practical functions. They allow the homeowner to enjoy insect-free summers and provide added security. They are one of the most versatile installations because they can be used to cover hot tubs, enclose a patio, protect potted plants and seedlings, and section off patio furniture. This makes it the ideal addition to any home where an extra entertainment space or living room is required.

There is a timeless quality and appeal to a well-constructed screen room. They are functional and also add to the aesthetic beauty of a house. It is features like this that can bump up the price of the house when it is put on the market.

The Versatility of Screen Rooms

As the homeowner, you can decide if you would like to add on an entirely new patio section to your house or simply enclose an already existing porch or patio space. When choosing a professional builder to install your porch or patio area, remember to ensure they are qualified for building structures that are up to code with permits, weather-resistant, and beautiful to look at. Any good installer will have a gallery of photographs showing their previous work

There are a few different materials from which to choose for your screen room. The frames can be made from aluminum or wood, and the most popular choices for the screens are glass and fine metal mesh.

Screen room styles range from a simple enclosure with posts, screens, and a swing door to opulent glass and aluminum showstopper designs. The real beauty of screen rooms is that there is a design to suit every budget. It is important that the style chosen is suitable to blend seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Wood Screen Rooms

When the design is a basic add-on to an existing porch, only a small amount of materials is needed for construction. Most of the structure exists already because of the backdrop of the house’s exterior. The addition of weather-resistant wood frames, panels, windows, and screens are installed to finish the completed screening.

Glass Screen Rooms

One of the most popular screen room materials is glass. It can be made to look as though the panes are held in place by nothing at all, giving your screen room an ethereal, sunny quality. If the screen room you have in mind needs to be four-season accessible, then double-paned glass windows can be inserted into wood or aluminum frames. Another option for a budget-priced screen room is to use corrugated panels that are translucent and durable.


A full-blown porch enclosure will include vents, wiring for electrical outlets, and possibly plumbing for irrigation if the screen room will be used as a greenhouse. Excavation may be needed to create an air space under the current floor or a concrete slab laid down. Other little extras that can be the finishing touches to your screen room according to your budget are exterior foam insulation, drywall, and carpeting.


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