The Know How Guide to Buying An Awning

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When you decide to get a retractable awning installed in your home, you need to decide on the type of awning and where you want to install it. For optimal functionality, and awning needs to be installed at least 8 ft off the ground. The ground can be a floor, a deck, or an outdoor area, so the installer must take the type of ground surface into account when he does the installation. But of course, this depends on the use you are going to give the awning. However, to clear everyone’s head, the doors, and the windows, the standard height is 8 feet.

Why Get an Awning?
Enjoying time outside is a pleasure, but it isn’t easy when you have the full sun over your outdoor area. A retractable awning is a beautiful way of adding shade to your home. When it is sunny, lower the awning, and when the sun goes down, retract it again. There are four usual places to install this type of awning, on the wall, the roof, the eaves, or the fascia.

Of course, each mountain location has certain mounting or structural issues, which is why you should have a professional do the installation for you. Even so, these are 5 things to keep in mind when deciding on the area where you want to mount the awning.

The retractable awning has to be at least 8 feet from the ground, so you need to consider the level of the surface and determine the distance the awning will extend. If, for instance, you mount it over a door, you should add another 12 inches so the door can clear when opened. If there is an incline, you need to make sure the awning has an eight ft. clearance from the inclined surface’s tallest point.

The Projection Length
You want to consider the extension length to ensure the supporting frame has enough strength for the awning at its full opening. It would help if you also considered the wind shear and any changes during different seasons to the weather.

Every awning product comes with its own hardware, brackets, and installation requirements. This is just one more reason why a professional installation is probably the better option. Professional installers are factory-trained and make sure your awning is mounted correctly to the appropriate surface.

Type of Retractable Awnings
The market for this product is vast, and there are even freestanding retractable awnings available. These mount to a solid base and come with a motorized or manual opening process.

Bottom Line
The truth is an awning can bring an outdoor area to life, creating a great outdoor dining area or living space without having the expense of building an additional area. The type of awning you get will depend on the outdoor area you want to use, the ground surface, and the height you need the awning to be. It’s really up to you, but consulting with a professional awning distributor and installer can save you time. In the end, money may also be a reason to use a professional because he will give you the most durable option with a professional installation that will last for years.