What to Look For When Buying Awnings for a House

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April 2, 2019
home awning

Awnings have become extremely trendy, with more homeowners having them installed in their homes. Awnings give a complete and exciting outdoor experience. They transform unused space outdoors, turning them into a dining and outdoor entertainment spots.

If you want to enjoy your favorite hot drink on a rainy morning, awnings make your experience more exciting. If you’re looking for awnings for your house, here are some of the things to look out for:

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Looking for House Awnings

  1. Size.

Small awnings are decorative while larger ones provide bigger coverage, hence more shade.

  1. Style

A varied range of awning styles is available to match clients’ need for home or business outdoor spaces. The double bar standard, dome style, waterfall, quarter barrel, gable walkway, semi-circular entrance and the traditional with closed or open sides are some types on the market.

With this range of styles to choose from, you will never go wrong when choosing perfect awnings for your home.

  1. Stationary, Retractable & Free Standing

Retractable awnings are ideal because they can be rolled up to allow sunlight into the interior of the house. They can also extend as far as necessary. Retractable awnings have been automated with sun and wind sensors for auto retraction.

Freestanding awnings, on the other hand, are mostly used for terraces, patios and decks. However, they’re more durable than retractable types.

  1. Color

It’s also important to pick the right color of awnings to improve the look of your outdoor space. Brightly-colored awnings reflect sunlight, regulating temperatures inside them while giving your outdoor space a beautiful look.

  1. Material

Fabric and aluminum are the materials mostly used to make awnings. Aluminum awnings are limited in design and colors and require less maintenance. Fabric awnings, on the other hand, come in varied colors and shapes. However, they require more maintenance than aluminum.

With these tips, you can choose the right awnings for endless, exciting outdoor experiences.