What’s a Good Size for a Sunroom?

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In all truth, there is no proper size when it comes to the size of a sunroom. A sunroom can be a small little nook like area, or they can be as large as a whole addition. It all depends on how the sunroom is going to be used and what the owner of the house wants.

Just because one home has a large sunroom, that does not mean the next home has to have one just as large. The size of the sunroom is usually partially determined by the size of the existing home because the sunroom extension can only be so large in comparison to the house.

The use of the sunroom plays a very large role in what size the sunroom should be. If the sunroom is meant to be a home studio or office, then the sunroom does not have to be a very large size. Everything should be within easy reach to make it a useful studio or office.

A smaller sized sunroom can be perfect for a child’s playroom as they are usually within sight of the kitchen and family room. A small sitting room or reading nook is great to be placed within a small sunroom. One of the best advantages of having a small sunroom is that they are much easier to maintain and keep warm or cool.

There are a lot of reasons for having a larger sunroom though, such as having more space to entertain. People often use larger sunrooms for a home gym, for a media room, or for an additional dining area. These all require a lot more space though then what a small sunroom would offer.

A large sunroom gives a large and spacious area that is rather airy and gives plenty of room for people to spread out. A large enough sunroom can even be used for more than one purpose, such as a section being a media area while another being a kids’ playroom. People often use the corners and walls of their sunroom as a place to grow their house plants because of the amount of sun offered.

Once the purpose is decided, it is important to decide what is going in the sunroom. There needs to be enough room for the furnishings that are going to be placed within the sunroom to prevent cramping. An example of this is that a loveseat, a couple of chairs. and an end table will fit with plenty of room in a 14-by-18-foot sunroom.

Now, if there is going to be more furniture, such as a large couch, a recliner, an armchair, a coffee table, a television stand, and an end table, then the size that would work better is an 18-by-18-foot. This size work if the television is a 42-inch or smaller though because a large screen would need more room, such as an 18-by-20-foot sunroom.

It just all depends on what the room is being used for and what all is going into the room.