What’s the Best Material for a Fence?

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October 24, 2019
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February 11, 2020
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Installing a fence for your home or commercial building can be a great investment of both time and money. Determining which materials are best for your type of fence is key in protecting that investment. Depending on your budget and aesthetic needs, the best fencing material for you can range from decorative wood to flexible vinyl. Whether you’re needing a privacy fence to secure your property or a dog fence to protect your canine family members, the right fencing material puts your personal and professional needs first.

These materials prioritize weather-resistant strength, aesthetic design, and easy maintenance to keep your fence looking like new for years:

  • Composite: This wood and plastic combination delivers on form and function with the look of wood with the capability of plastic. Those wanting to retain the look of natural wood can explore our composite material fences for a low maintenance take on a natural-looking fence.
  • PVC: Durability at a low price, PVC offers reliable flexibility at a great value. Consisting of little to no wood, PVC is a quality option for those looking to save on a fence that can last.
  • Wood: Wood fencing is usually more affordable while offering a specific type of classic style. Wooden fences can be ideal for those living in more moderate climates that won’t put wooden fences to the test. Wood fencing material comes in a variety of types from bamboo to spruce to give your home or business a distinctive look. While not as resistant to weather and insects as other fencing materials, wood can be pressure-treated to increase durability.
  • Vinyl: Low maintenance and flexible, vinyl can withstand harsh weather to last for years. While being a little more on the expensive end, vinyl has the capability to pay off as a durable and easy-to-clean capability.
  • Metal: This versatile fencing material can be a great solution for your residential or commercial property. This eye-catching material makes your home fencing look stately, such as with wrought iron, or provide a specific service, such as aluminum for a recreational field.
  • Masonry: This fencing material offers durability that is big on style. This flexible material has the capability to be made into weaving and other complex styles to create a unique look. With proper maintenance, masonry material can last for years as long as the complex footings are installed by a professional and mortar joints are replaced regularly.

Flexibility, durability, and value, our wide range of fencing materials offer you a selection of fencing options that your family and your business can rely on. Our experienced staff members are available to talk with you more in-depth about our materials and discuss installation needs.

It is important that you purchase and install a fence that complies with your local homeowner’s association and city ordinances. Review the bylaws of your neighborhood to discover what materials are available for your use.

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