Why a Residential Fence Makes Sense

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June 23, 2019
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A homeowner knows well the never-ending to-do list accompanying homeownership. There is always something to fix, something to replace, or something to add. Deciding when and where to spend money can be a daunting task. A top concern for many homeowners is deciding the best way to spend money to maintain or increase the value of their property for future resale.


The addition of a fence to a property has a lot of benefits for current usage and future resale. Either adding a new fence in tune with the style of the home or replacing an old worn down fence, can be a great way to enhance the look and use of a property. If the cost of a fence is making you think twice, then also consider these other amazing benefits of a new fence.


KEEPING IT ALL IN. Whether it’s pets or children, having a little assistance keeping them insight without having to hover can prove to be invaluable. You need to take the new puppy out, but you’ve got dinner on the stove. Or you need to run in to grab the phone, but a two-year-old can magically disappear in two seconds. A fence is just an extra security barrier to help you manage everything on your plate.


KEEPING IT ALL OUT. As much as a fence offers in keeping in pets and children, it also helps keep things out. Every neighborhood has that one dog that is always getting out. Some neighborhoods back up to wooded areas with even more dangerous critters. A fence gives you some security in knowing there is a barrier between those animals and your children or pets. If you have a pool, keeping other people’s unsupervised children out is also extremely important.


PRIVACY. A privacy fence not only keeps critters out, but it also keeps eyes and sounds out. You can enjoy your backyard without an audience. Enjoy dinner on the patio, a dip in the pool, or maybe just some tanning on the deck without worrying about a watchful eye or nosy neighbor. A privacy fence can also create a sound barrier greatly reducing the noise of a nearby highway or interstate.


INCREASE IN MARKETABILITY. A fence helps with future resale by increasing the value of your home. While you may not recoup all of your expenses, it does increase the marketability of your home. A well-built, nice looking fence appeals to buyers with children or pets. This makes your home more appealing to a broader audience and might even give you the edge over a comparable home without a fence. A well-done fence also boosts curb appeal, and that appeals to all buyers.


A fence is a great way to increase the usability and privacy of your yard, boost curb appeal, and even help with the future sale of your home. The next step is deciding the style and material that best suits your home.